We strive to provide you with perfect lapel pins. In most cases the required size and design dictate the style of the pin and we will advise you of our recommendation as part of the process, however we will make every effort to incorporate your preferences.
By default our pins have a pin back with a standard butterfly style clutch. Other options are available such as a slide-on rubber pin back or a magnet.  Below are the common options for style and metal colour.
If you don’t see what you are looking for, please ask.

Custom Size and Shape Lapel Pins

Turnaround – Approximately 3 Weeks – Minimum 100 per design

Soft Enamel

Soft Enamel Lapel Pin

The classic lapel pin with raised edges and solid coloured sections


Epoxy Lapel Pin

Full colour lapel pins that can include photos with a smooth surface protected with durable epoxy

Cloisonné /
Hard EnamelCloisonné / Hard Enamel Lapel Pin

Similar to soft enamel but with the coloured sections filled to the height of the metal edges to create a smooth surface

Die Struck /
StampedDie Struck / Stamped Lapel Pin

Classic lapel pins without added colour. Recessed areas are usually textured (e.g. matte) to give the raised areas added pop.

Metal Colours for Custom Lapel Pins:

Gold Lapel Pin Metal
Silver Lapel Pin Metal
Copper Lapel Pin Metal
Brass Lapel Pin Metal
Nickel Lapel Pin Metal
Chrome Lapel Pin Metal
Gilt Lapel Pin Metal
Black Nickel
Black Nickel Lapel Pin Metal
Foggy Gold
Foggy Gold Lapel Pin Metal
Foggy Silver
Foggy Silver Lapel Pin Metal
Sandblast Gold
Sandblast Gold Lapel Pin Metal
Sandblast Silver

Sandblast Silver Lapel Pin Metal

Antique Gold

Antique Gold Lapel Pin Metal

Antique Silver

Antique Silver Lapel Pin Metal

Antique Nickel

Antique Nickel Lapel Pin Metal

Antique Bronze

Antique Bronze Lapel Pin Metal

Antique Copper

Antique Copper Lapel Pin Metal

Dye Black

Dye Black Lapel Pin Metal

Two Tone Gold & Silver

Two Tone Gold & Silver Lapel Pin Metal

Sandblast Antique Gold

Sandblast Antique Gold Lapel Pin Metal

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